- For Sale -

$65,000.00 USD ($65K USD - single payment, see below)

- offers can be submitted, see info below -

Whoever acquires will likely develop into a fantastic, extremely competitive and global armynavy site, and this will never be available again

$100K will seem cheap once someone else gets it and develops it, that's what all my experiences over the years tell me

If you're in the armynavy, military surplus, or related area from anywhere in the world or you have an armynavy store or are a supplier or manufacturer on any continent, is the property you want to own

The web is the future and is the brand to build on

If you are a manufacturer of camo or canvas products for example, would be a monster brand to market your products

Could be tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand or more SKUs

There is nothing else quite like it, and customers from all around the world understand, they relate to it right away, that was the experience here for years (standard disclaimer: no guarantee of future performance or results)



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