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  • Retail stores from around the world
  • Real military surplus items of all kinds and from different countries
  • Collectibles from different armies and countries
  • Jeeps and other military vehicles such as trucks, trailers
  • Clothing such as BDUs, uniforms, hazmat items, hats, shirts, pants, jackets, gloves, and accessories
  • Military style hats
  • Items for kids, uniforms, toys, clothing
  • All kinds of items for women, clothing, camo
  • Backpacks, tents, outdoor gear
  • Security products, pepper spray, electronics, surveillance
  • Food, MREs, dehydrated food, long-term, preparedness
  • Paintball guns, supplies, paintball fields
  • Military dog tags, supplies, machines
  • Personalized items such as hats, shirts, chair backs, pins, tags, glassware, desk products
  • Flags of countries, services, states, colors, and patterns
  • Reenactment clothing and supplies
  • Rope of many kinds, nautical, surplus
  • Canvas bags, surplus, duffel, messenger, shoulder bags, camo, many purposes
  • Storage boxes, cases, foot lockers, containers, new, surplus
  • Military pins
  • Military patches and insignia
  • Military rings, all branches
  • Military watches, retailers, manufacturers
  • Cots, bunk beds
  • Navy style pea coats, often wool
  • Airforce style flight jackets, bomber jackets
  • Novelties of many kinds, lighters, golf equipment, cups
  • Airsoft guns, equipment, and supplies
  • Radios, walkie talkies, emergency items, battery backup

Welcome to has received thousands of requests from all over the world for tons of products. Requests have come from individuals, institutions, businesses of all sizes, governments, scout groups, religious organizations, sports teams, charities, and so many others. One request was for 3,000 sleeping bags. Another request was to outfit an expedition to the polar regions. The list goes on and on.