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  • Retail stores from around the world
  • Real military surplus items of all kinds and from different countries
  • Collectibles from different armies and countries
  • Jeeps and other military vehicles such as trucks, trailers
  • Clothing such as BDUs, uniforms, hazmat items, hats, shirts, pants, jackets, gloves, and accessories
  • Military style hats
  • Items for kids, uniforms, toys, clothing
  • All kinds of items for women, clothing, camo
  • Backpacks, tents, outdoor gear
  • Security products, pepper spray, electronics, surveillance
  • Food, MREs, dehydrated food, long-term, preparedness
  • Paintball guns, supplies, paintball fields
  • Military dog tags, supplies, machines
  • Personalized items such as hats, shirts, chair backs, pins, tags, glassware, desk products
  • Flags of countries, services, states, colors, and patterns
  • Reenactment clothing and supplies
  • Rope of many kinds, nautical, surplus
  • Canvas bags, surplus, duffel, messenger, shoulder bags, camo, many purposes
  • Storage boxes, cases, foot lockers, containers, new, surplus
  • Military pins
  • Military patches and insignia
  • Military rings, all branches
  • Military watches, retailers, manufacturers
  • Cots, bunk beds
  • Navy style pea coats, often wool
  • Airforce style flight jackets, bomber jackets
  • Novelties of many kinds, lighters, golf equipment, cups
  • Airsoft guns, equipment, and supplies
  • Radios, walkie talkies, emergency items, battery backup
  • Products in case of emergency, prepare of disasters, power outages, storm preparation